Xtrema Framework for Adobe Director
Director versions: 8.5 and above
Type: Xtra
Category: Multiple
OS: Windows (current version).
Shockwave Safe: no (release) / yes (current beta)

What is Xtrema
Xtrema is an expansion library (xtra) for Adobe Director.
Unlike most xtras, Xtrema consists of several classes that add support for various tasks, packed in one single file.
Each class has it's own commands and generates and handles its own objects.

All-in-one Advantages:
Smaller file size: Since classes share the same base code for Director integration, an Xtra supporting e.g. both file and imaging functions will usually be much smaller and require less resources than a file Xtra plus an imaging Xtra.
For Xtrema in particular, the base code, including all resources and dictionaries, is about 60KB, while each class added will increase the file size by 5-40KB [a test compilation of Xtrema containing about 20 classes (string, file, socket, menu...) was aprox 220KB].
Class collaboration: Objects of one class can accept as arguments, or return objects of another class. E.g. when using a file-class object to read data from the disk, a string-class object will be returned.
Easy update: Since Xtrema is an all-in-one solution, the latest release will include the latest version of all of its classes.

Beta Release Notes
In this release, only the string class is icluded. The string class is a 'base-as-it-gets' class, since it will be used by all other classes.
Versions containing more classes will be made available to a limited number of beta testers, prior to be included in a public release.
If interested in becoming a beta tester, if you have any questions / suggestions / feature requests, or just for moral support, drop a mail here.